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Hard disk drive replacement donor

To recover bad data from hard disk heads, you need to replace the magnetic heads. There is also a specific failure rate in recovering data from damaged hard disk heads. Through hundreds of case investigations and statistics, it is found that some data cannot be recovered after the heads are damaged. What does it look like?

PWhat is a hard disk head? The magnetic head is a tool for reading and writing discs in a hard disk and is one of the most precise parts in the hard drive. The magnetic head is made by winding a coil around a magnetic core. When the hard disk is in operation, the magnetic head reads data by sensing changes in the magnetic field on the rotating disk; it writes data by changing the magnetic field on the drive. The magnetic head is suspended above the high-speed rotating disk without direct contact with the disk during the working state. This is called the landing zone, where the disc does not store data; it is the starting position of drives).

  • As can be seen from the internal structure of the hard disk, the hard disk's cavity contains 4 main functional modules:
  • The main pumping motor drives the disc to rotate at high speed;
  • Disc, the core of the hard disk, all data is stored in the disc, the premise of data recovery can be performed if the drive is intact;
  • magnetic head assembly (including the magnetic head, the magnetic head arm, the voice coil motor, and the control chip), which is a read-write component of the hard disk, used to read and write data on the disc;
  • Permanent magnet used to power the head arm. Among these four functional modules, the magnetic head assembly and the spindle motor are the mechanical parts with the highest frequency of movement, so the chance of damage is relatively high. Once they are damaged, they can only be read by opening and replacing them with suitable hard drive donor data.
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  • Data recovery rervice

    Sanhe Data Recovery Center provides you with a full range of data recovery solutions, professional data recovery, and more guarantee your data security.

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    Data recovery tool Recover hard disk, mobile hard disk, U disk, memory card, etc., accidentally delete, format, partition, Ghost, reinstall system, virus damage and other data. Data recovery tool is easy to use and recover data for free!

  • Hard drive donor and PCB

    Data recovery technology Replace hard disk heads-Replace hard disk donor Understand the environmental requirements and tools for hard disk opening? Master the skills and methods.

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Our data recovery service

1.Data disaster recovery caused by server hardware failure Data disaster recovery after volume, partition damage, reconstruction, formatting and other operations 3.Data disaster recovery after file system error 4. Recovery service after file deletion

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Data recovery equipment:

We have specialized equipment: over 750TB of dedicated storage space. Has dedicated IBM, HP, SUN minicomputer, HP EVA, DELL EQ and other series of storage. Possess PC3000, MRT, 100-level dust-free table, and local 10-level dust-free workspace, with a total value of more than 5 million yuan

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Sanhe Data Recovery Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a national high-tech enterprise with a share capital of 2 million yuan. Sanhe Data Recovery Center is one of the first companies in China to specialize in data security and rescue services.

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Development Goals:

Become the best service provider of data rescue for large customers nationwide and even the world. Sanhe Data Recovery Center is one of the first companies in China to specialize in data recovery services. We always think that the value of an enterprise is measured by what creative value it brings to all its customers. The vision of Sanhe Data Recovery Center is to do everything possible to solve data security problems for customers.

Hard disk opening data recovery

HDD Opening data recovery 16 years of professional and technical data recovery center, free testing and strict confidentiality of data, solid technology

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