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For WD west number 4TB board no. 2060 800022 002 REV P1 unlock board


WD west number 4TB board no. 2060 800022 002 REV P1 no lock board
1;The product is a good plate taken down from the original plate, and the color is beautiful.
2;Goods sold can only change can not return, if the hands of the hair of the hand is artificially damaged will not return, thank you for your support.
3;Each circuit board has its own BIOS, in the shop to buy a good circuit board after the need to swap BIOS. In order to let your hard drive back to life.If there is not understand the buyers need to contact the owner, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. 
4.Small store just opened, some goods have not come and hang on taobao, you can inquire.
5;In addition to the store selling hard disk board, there are other hard disk accessories [hard disk body, hard disk cover, hard disk screws and related accessories] welcome new and old customers to purchase.Due to the hard disk circuit board model too much, not all display taobao store, so pro need what model directly contact customer service personnel, the store promised that all circuit boards before shipment will be electrified test, to ensure that the circuit board to the disk body can be turned.Circuit board has been welded, is not returned.
Pro: please be sure to read the following description:
1. The store is only responsible for the load test of the circuit board, which is completely normal. It is responsible for the quality problems, but it is not responsible for the maintenance results.
2. Please check whether the model of your hard disk and circuit board are consistent with the model sold in our store.
3. If you don’t know how to see the circuit board model, please contact the customer service staff.If you do not see the model to buy the wrong circuit board the consequences can only be responsible for the buyer.
4. No matter what the reason is, the buyer shall be responsible for the express fee and send the goods back with safe packaging. If the goods are damaged in the process of sending back, our store will refuse to sign for the goods.
Q: put the circuit board why turn, but the hard disk does not identify it?
Answer: kiss you want to make sure that your body is good, the original board above the BIOS chip is also good, as to deny or after changing the chips don’t turn it to kiss his check is no welding is good, isn’t reverse the direction of welding, etc., determine welding without problem, it just means you’re out of luck, disk your body also is bad.