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HDD PCB for Seagate / PCB 100466824 REV C , 100466824 REV A , 100466824REV B / 100468979 , 100534274 , 100468976 , 100468975


Most HDD boards have the unique BIOS(ROM or NVRAM chip) which includes the unique data to access the HDD system area. If the BIOS information is not compatible with your HDD, there is no way to read the HDD’s data. Because of this, we should use the original PCB’s BIOS when we swap PCB. BIOS CHIP SWAPPING IS A MUST.

Before you purchase, please read:
1) This is just a PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), not the whole Hard Drive;
2) PCB board number is printed on the board, not on the sticker;
3) These boards are USED, NOT brand new, the circuit board components not falling, the interface did not break. All PCBs have been tested before shipping;
4) It is used for data recovery/repair issues, the PCB board has been tested and in good working condition. There is no refund/exchange policy;
5) Hard drive failures are NOT always caused by PCB failure. We cannot guarantee your drive to be repaired by replacing the hard drive PCB;
6) You should swap the BIOS chip before you exchange the PCB board, as our guide sticker shown, in order to make the replacement board compatible with your hard drive;
7) It is the buyer’s responsibility to know whether the board is adequate for his hard drive model;
8) We do not suggest one who has no professional hard drive technology knowledge, and no tools no skills to buy this board, unless you can find someone to help you to repair the hard drive. We are only responsible for providing fully functional board.
9) Different from WD circuit board, most ST PCB circuit board with the same number of different master chip and smooth chip. Part of ST PCB board still request the master chip and smooth chip consistent. So you’d better memo your master chip and smooth chip number when you choose the PCB board, we will send you the product to ensure work normally.

(make sure your original PCB number is exact the same with this number)
PCB Number: 100466824
Controller: V523C Smooth Chip: 100439116
Controller: V523C Smooth Chip: LSIL-2030C2
Controller: TTB5501C Smooth Chip: 100439116
Controller: TTB5501C Smooth Chip: LSIL-2030C2
Controller: TTB5501D Smooth Chip: 100439116
Suit for: ST3640323AS, ST3750330AS, ST3750330NS, ST3750330SV, ST3750630AS, ST31000340AS, ST31000340NS, STM31000340AS, etc

There are different REV of ST PCB board: 100466824 REV C , 100466824 REV A , 100466824REV B, most of the different REV are compatiable, do not request the main chip, smooth chip are other chips must the same; even different main&smooth&other chips are compatiable. For seldom board number, you should specify the REV. otherwise based we know it compatiable, we will ship in random.

1. When you get our board, pull it on your drive directly, to test whether your drive power on, whether the disc spin.
2.1 If yes, then you MUST exchange your own BIOS chip onto my board, your drive will work well again.
2.2 If no, pls check again your drive problem, maybe other parts will have problem, just like the head, etc. When you found the board cannot work well, it is not wise to open dispute directly! pls immediately contact the seller, we will help you to solve your problem!