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HDD PCB logic board 220 0A90377 01 / LSI 60450 / Stickers : 0J21827 / DT01ACA050


My dear friend:
every hard disk is a one-to-one match with the BIOS of the circuit board, so you need to exchange BIOS after receiving the goods.
the computer can recognize the hard disk,if you do not have tools, you can find local electrical repair, welding for you.
HDD PCB/Logic Board.Board Number: 220 0A90377 01, The Hard Disk Drive is not include.
Number of board space location

Please Note:
1.These boards are used, the circuit board components not falling, the interface did not break.
2. All PCB have been tested before shipping. If the PCB is faulty during shipping, please inform us immediately after your received it.
3. If you are not sure the PCB is compatible with your HDD or not. Please contact us
Replacement the PCB only can solve the problem that is caused by the PCB faulty and HDD failures are not always caused by the PCB faulty. This PCB is not guaranteed to fix your HDD.
Main Controller IC: LSI 6045(Main control IC needs to be consistent with the bad boards)

HDD Motor Combo IC:0A75794(Both IC is compatible with each other)

Board Number:220 0A90377 01(Please make sure your original PCB board number is same as our PCB)

Remarks: If your HDD firmware, date code and site code is different. You can swap the BIOS chip from original PCB to the replacement PCB, to make the replacement PCB compatible with your HDD.

If you need our help to swap the BIOS chip on the PCB, please contact us. Thank you.
Attention: Replacement the PCB only can solve the problem that is caused by the PCB faulty. If your HDD having the following problem.
Symptoms of failure:
The drive will power up normally (no ticking noises, errors etc) but will not be recognized by the computer

The drive will power up normally and be recognized correctly but will report a size of 0 bytes

The drive will power up but report SMART errors on boot Replacement the PCB may not solve the above problem. These problem is caused by the HDD firmware corrupted.

there is no new circuit board on the market, are second-hand.
Our products are guaranteed and tested to ensure that the quality is not defective before delivery.
After-sales service:
1. We Returned goods of refund , but not only refund.
2. If you are damaged or unable to use the goods, please contact us for replacement or refund. The returned items must conform to their original state.Please don’t bring up the dispute.
3.If the goods are returned, the buyer shall be responsible for the transportation costs.