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Original HDL Hitachi hard disk maintenance software repair path read / write firmware tool data recovery


Basic functions:
1 read ROM
2 read write NVRAM
3 read write modules (copy0, copy1, copy_ Factory)
4 Hitachi automatic technology unlocking
5. Security lock unlocking (not supported by arm temporarily)
6 modification of model, Sn and LBA
7 clear smart
8 one click backup firmware (separate storage directory)
9. Logical scan graphic display of hard disk status. Defects can be added to g-table and p-table. One click automatic addition of p-table technology is the first in the industry
10 g table view edit save
11 view of P table (cannot edit and save)
12 clear table g and table p
13 g to p
14 factory format (when formatting, defects can be automatically shielded to the P table, which is also the industry’s first)
15 set the hard disk boot location (boot from the factory firmware area (Zone C) or boot from the main firmware area (zone a). Hard disk not supported for Arm Series)
16 supports simultaneous operation of two ports
17 recommended system win7 32 bit