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Original Xijie F3 maintenance software HDL Seagate maintenance bad path beheading read and write firmware data recovery


HDL Seagate v4.0 upgrade instructions
HDL Seagate v4.0.0.0 (hardware upgrade to dual power card and dual terminal)
1. Improve the power control to double port control.
2. Add the communication interface of double terminal (imported CP chip), and no longer need to connect another terminal board.
3. Optimize the speed of reading ROM in boot mode, reduce the probability of error, and ensure the correctness of reading data.
4. Add the shortcut key to read smart information on the right side of the main window.
5. Logical scanning adds the record selection of white dots during scanning.
The release of this version is mainly to cooperate with the release of the dual port card. The actual function use and V3.7 v3.8 have little change. In the future, v3. X and V4. X will be upgraded synchronously before the single port card is not stopped.
1. Add 75 families (lt-012) of LBA to CHS calculation and P support.
2. Improve and optimize the function of adding p to support detection. If the hard disk does not support adding P, the function of adding P table will be turned off.
3. Improve the information output format from LBA to CHS to make the information easier to read.
4. Optimize the terminal communication speed.
5. Correct the error that the update time of the adaptation parameter is too long.
6. Add smart information reading function, support HDD and SSD.
7. correction of the occasional record error in ROM verification calculation.
8. Add red and green blocks to logical scan to check whether the error log is recorded.
1. Correct a module file configuration error.
2. Optimize the information processing flow of the main defect table to reduce the probability of 500e error after adding the table.
3. Add several common repair commands, such as: reset format, repair before good and then bad, segment repair, etc.
4. Fix the problem that module 003 of the new disk such as grenade was written incorrectly.
1. Add the function of smart arbitrary power on time and power on times.
2. Fix the problem that the open software occasionally gets stuck when reading the hard disk information for the first time.
3. Add the function of automatic generation of system file list.
4. Add 11 generation system file reading and writing function.
5. Add two subfolders, copy0 and copy1, under the original system file storage directory to store the system files of copy0 and copy1 respectively.
6. Add CP, module batch, HDD non reactive power supply re power function when reading and writing system files.
7. One click backup function adds system file backup option.
8. Add ng list editing function.
9. The mini segment table function is added to support the screening of mini segments to ng list (non resident defect table).
1. Optimize the speed of logical scanning, increase the scanning record directly plus P table, plus servo table, plus P table closed track, increase the green point recording mode, and improve the scanning configuration mode.
2. The main defect table editor adds the function of adding LBA address to the defect table.
3. Add g-to-p and g-to-servo functions.
1. Optimize the reading and writing of the boot mode ROM, improve the compatibility of the terminal line, and improve the automatic access to boot mode and acceleration mode.
2. The instruction batch function adds several commonly used batch commands.
1. Add 5400.6 and 7200.4 hard cutting heads.
2. Add resolution and reading of LOD file.
3. Add some new series of technical unlocking, such as nm0033 family code 63, st4000md0000 family code 70, etc.
*The software was renamed “HDL” and the power control card and PCI-E to SATA card were added. *
Improve command sending.
Modify the firmware directory name. The module is “modules” and the system file is “sysfile”.
Add the function of adjustment of adaptation parameters.
The terminal window is added with free customization command button, and the user can str.ini Configure the terminal command you want to use in the file (only one command can be supported for one key).
Save and clear buttons and several common command buttons are added to the terminal window.
Support (ATA) scan hard disk module and CP file, add read ID module, romcp, ramcp, ROM, file.
Add ATA port to backup all firmware resources (ROM, CP, module) of hard disk with one click.
Fix the error of pop-up error prompt after closing the window.
Add 27 moose 7200.11_ Es.2 editing support for the family defect master table. Fix bugs that cannot create the family firmware directory.
Add the official firmware door hard disk LOD to facilitate firmware upgrade.
Fix the problem that the terminal window sometimes sends invalid return command.
Upgrade the main defect table editor to v2.80: when ATA reading and writing is supported, and when the hard disk wedge parameters cannot be obtained during table transfer, it will be prompted to enter parameters manually, and the function of automatic sorting defect table information will be added to automatically repair the reconstruction 500e error caused by the disorder of defect information, adding 40 RPM P, 40 RPM servo table, 40 RPM TA table, and P table defect merging.
Upgraded sectors list edit to V1.7, supports importing Victoria 4.47 English version log defect information directly into G-List (V40) through terminal
The extended stop button function enables quick stop of running tasks.
Join the user registration system.
Fix to improve the write LOD success rate of slow responding hard disk.
Increase the number of read hard disk firmware details and heads.
The control of power switch and serial port switch is separated, and the independent control is convenient for use.
The power control button (power module supporting command mode control) is added to the family selection function.
Four user editable menu buttons are added to facilitate user-defined calling of other software.
The main defect table editor is updated to v2.5 to support more families of main defect tables, adding P table to PSF table, V40 to ta table, adding P table defects to merge by track, and adding automatic sorting defects

Family selection function add close button.
The smart editing function is updated to read and write the running time and power up times, and support the generation of random data.
Correct the error of the check value calculated in the special case of the check algorithm of the defect table editor.
Fix the problem that the function of importing defect log into RS defect table VCR is invalid.
Add wedge parameter to software configuration information.
Fix the problem of invalid view segment information command, fix the problem of invalid m8,3,,,,, 22 and M0, D, 3,,,,, 22 buttons in the bad track repair command.
Read the firmware and add the function of automatically entering the command communication mode.
Optimization software begins to respond slowly to family selection.
Optimize batch command functionality.
Correct the error that boot mode can’t be set correctly, and exit the program when optimizing the boot mode communication error.
It is corrected that some circuit boards of 11th generation and 5400.6 laptops cannot be written into ROM, and 5400.6 laptops are added into boot scheme without removing board.
Family selection menu is added to the software, and family settings can be reconfigured after the software is started.
The 1b defect table editor is optimized, which is convenient to cut off the head, cut off the section and turn the table.
Add the control support for shangxuanyue power board.
Add head editing and physically cut 1 head.
Change how the P table (1b) editor processes data.
The optimized batch command editor can support the 11th generation hard disk online execution instruction set.
Change the default storage directory of firmware and the display format of family configuration information.
Click the close button in the main window of the software to add the close software prompt.
Add cap online editing function.
Add the editing (ng list) of the non resident growth defect table V40, and support the quick reading, viewing, clearing and writing of the (ng list) tables after the 12th generation.
Draw ICO icon again to make the icon of software clearer.
Upgrade the file read-write function of F3 system to v1.3, support copy1 to write copy0, and re optimize the read-write speed. When there is an error, the error code fed back by the hard disk can be displayed, which is convenient to determine the cause of the error.
Correct the invalid selection of utilitu start serial port number.
137 modules are added for system file reading and writing, and CP (ROM rap cap SAP) and nglist (V40) files are added for system file reading and writing.
Fix boot configuration port display error.
Upgrade the RS list editing function version v1.4, support VCR and MHDD log defects to import the RS list, and work faster.
The interface menu and software prompt are optimized in depth to make the prompt more concise and clear.
Change the software description and version copyright information.
Fixed the problem that the software configuration did not return to the baud rate 38400 after reading the ROM.
Write ROM reading and writing instructions to solve the problem that DM002 cannot write ROM without removing the board.
Fix firmware directory and file naming errors, resulting in incorrect firmware saving.
Update the main program, add the family identification function, add the software configuration function according to the family, and the main interface is all Chinese culture.
Update the ROM read-write function, which can support the read-write of most 11th and 12th generation hard disk ROMs. Add a new fault-tolerant algorithm in the read-write ROM communication, so that the read-write of ROM is faster and more stable, and it can support the read-write with the highest 921600 baud rate.